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You will need one of the following documents:
College Students / Parents
  • Instant Online Verification
  • Dated Student ID from the current semester or school year
  • Course Schedule
  • Registration Receipt for this semester
  • Letter of Enrollment on school letterhead.
K-12 Student / Parents
  • Report Card
  • Dated Student ID from the current semester or school year
  • Registration Receipt
  • Letter of Enrollment on school letterhead
Teachers, Faculty, or Staff
  • Link to your faculty web page
  • Current Faculty ID
  • Letter of Employment on school letterhead
  • Pay Stub (cross out confidential information)
Home School
  • Membership in Home School Association
  • Receipt for Home School Curriculum
  • Letter of intent to home school from a state agency
School Districts, Colleges, Universities
  • Your Purchase Order
Non-Profit Organizations
  • Copy of IRS 501(c)3 form
  • IRS letter stating that you are a 501(c)3

Adobe Sign

Easily collect signatures. Anywhere and on any device.

It’s time to simplify the signing process. With Adobe Sign, you can get documents signed in minutes — not days. It provides a convenient, tamper-proof way to sign documents electronically that helps you grow your business. Get started today.

Seamlessly simple - Easy to send. Easy to sign.

Adobe Sign makes it easy to prepare and send documents for signature. And e-signing is just as easy for you, your customers, and teammates — just click, tap, or swipe.

Higher ROI - Better service while saving time and money. It’s perfect.

Speed up your processes by allowing people to fill and e-sign documents right on your website. Instantly transform your existing PDF or Microsoft Word documents into web forms that collect legal and trusted electronic signatures from anyone, anywhere.

Payment Integration - Let customers make payments in your forms.

Adobe Sign makes it easy to collect payments from customers as they fill and sign forms thanks to built-in integration with Braintree and Paypal.

Mega Sign - Enjoy a lot of convenience when you need a lot of signatures.

Send one document to hundreds of people using the mega sign tool. Each recipient will get their own version to sign. You can track the progress and send reminders.

Extend your apps.

We bring Adobe Sign to the tools you’re already using. Quickly send documents out for signature that are created or stored on third-party systems like Microsoft Office, Salesforce, and Dropbox.

Get notified.

Receive a notification as soon as a document is viewed or signed, send reminders to keep it moving, and receive alerts when the form is about to expire. You can also view an audit trail of every document you send for signing.

Be mobile.

Just because you’re out and about doesn’t mean your signature workflows stall. The Adobe Sign mobile app keeps you productive.

Adobe Sign for Business is meant for medium to large organizations

  • Fill & sign
  • Scan and sign on mobile
  • Embedded signing in  Office 365
  • Manage (track, store,  audit trails, remind)
    • Authoring
    • Templates
  • Administrator
  • Web forms
  • Two-factor
  • signer authentication
  • Advanced form
  • fields, calculations & conditional  logic
  • Mega Sign (capped)
  • Collect and display  images from signers
  • Payments
  • Knowledge-based  Authentication (add-on  available)
  • Phone Authentication (add-on  available)